Worldview Academy.

I am not a big “Camp” Youth Pastor. I do not often do camps, especially big, expensive ones. I am used to taking students to small, local camps, usually run by a local Baptist Association. In fact, that is what I am doing this year with the majority of my students…

However, I was presented the opportunity to take some of my Leadership Students to Worldview Academy thanks to a few forward-thinking leaders in our church. As a budget-minded Youth Pastor, I was unsure what to expect for that amount of tuition. I was pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I put very high expectations on Worldview and they surpassed all of them.

The faculty did an excellent job in connecting with the students, while giving them deep spiritual and Biblical truths. The college staff/small group leaders were a collection of “best of the crop” college students from all over the United States and Canada.

The teaching was split in four distinct categories: Servant Leadership, Theology, Apologetics, and World Issues. All were handled very well by the faculty. They taught middle school and high school students things I’ve seen college students stumble and wrestle with. Plus, they did it well.

This is the only camp I have ever been to that prepares, then turns loose students to practice evangelism in groups on a state college campus. I was very pleased at the level of  boldness shown by the students! They brought it!

The camp part of the experience was well done in addition to the teaching. The facilities at the college were great. There was no complaining at all about the food (maybe except for the five or so pounds I gained…doh!). I heard great things from my students about the small group studies and team-building exercises.

The students I took also have already used the things they have learned in the time they have been back. Three of my four students were part of a mission team last week that helped a small church conduct its Vacation Bible School. They helped a church of 20 handle 60 kids. Four of those 60 kids began a relationship with Christ last week. One of four that was lead to Christ by a Worldview Academy 2011 Student. Another Worldview Academy Student gave the Salvation Message and Invitation on Thursday night. They are ready, bold, and prepared.

Well Done, Worldview.


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