Will the Real Holy Spirit Please Show Up?

For those that missed it, this week on SNL featured Mark Zuckerburg in the opening monologue. Mark is the co-founder and CEO of Facebook. What made it interesting was the fact that he was not the host. The guy who played him on a “fictional movie” “that was not about him” was the host. You also had a SNL cast member impersonating him thrown into the mix. Awkward is an accurate depiction.

I watched the above clip and it made me think. Are we doing that same thing in our churches? Are we misrepresenting the Biblical depiction of the Holy Spirit with some poor imitations? Are we content to attribute to The Holy Spirit the roles and characteristics that keep us comfortable and happy? But we leave out the parts that make us uncomfortable.

Are we familiar enough with The Holy Spirit to realize when He shows up? Have we been fooled by a poor imitation taking His role?

Chew on that this week. I will.

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Brent Lacy

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