What Craigslist Can Show Us..

We live in a society that has changed. We want better communication but cherish the right to be anonymous. We want the ability to sell or trade when we feel like it.

That individualism has crept into the church over time. We want the freedom to do as we choose in a church and if someone steps on our toes or otherwise makes us uncomfortable, we can go elsewhere. Having it your way works well at Burger King, but does little to serve the God who created all we see and don’t see.

We can buy or sell on Craigslist with little expectations beyond the transaction. No warranties, No guarantees, No strings attached. When you walk into a church with that level of expectation, there is no attachment, no connection with the body of believers.

Churches and ministers, value the relationships.  Seek to build connection. Challenge attenders to become vital parts of missions and ministry.

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