What are We Doing?

Its that time of year again. Players are reporting to spring training. I signed the boys up for T-ball last weekend. Baseball time is almost upon us. We might have some youth and parents disappear until September (assuming they don’t play winter ball…). What is the real reason? What needs to Change as churches to “fix” this mentality?

Below are some tough questions that we need to answer in today’s church that are not limited to just baseball:

1. Are we properly teaching (and modeling) the priority of a relationship with Christ to youth and children in our churches?

2. Where is the line between encouraging the social and athletic aspects of sports for youth and children vs. giving a pass to idolatry?

3. If you are doing everything you can to get junior that scholarship, Where does prayer and relying on God fit into the picture?

4. If you do not teach children and youth to place a high value on a relationship with God when they are young, when will we teach it?

5. When did it become OK to schedule school/recreational league athletic events and tournaments on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights?

6. If we “shut down” ministries for part of the year based on a sports season, what message are we giving?

What do you think? Are there questions you would add?

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