Update on Indiana Tornado relief

Wondering how you could help?
Here is what the SBC is up to in Indiana..

A word from SE assoc moderator. SBC Disaster Relief is on the scene in Henryville and our sister church in Henryville is serving as the staging area. It is the only church building still standing in the community. Praise God. A mobile kitchen is being set up by disaster relief at the church. We will need volunteers who can help with the kitchen beginning next week and information will be emailed soon.

Please pray for Toby as he prepares to lead worship tomorrow after two days of sheer exhaustion.

The association purchased nearly $2000 in plywood, tarps and other supplies which has been delivered.

Ken said there is three categories of help:

1. Financial through the association which is most needed right now – also using indianatornadorelief.com

2. Material will be needed in the near future such as construction weight trashbags, heavy gloves, 5 gallon buckets – a list will be available soon

3. Water and non-perishable food items will be needed in the near future. Water is in abundance right now. Please deliver water to the associational office on Monday and it will be delivered when it is needed.

No one is allowed into this area to help without proper clearance so there is not looting. All help needs to have proper training at the present time. This is from the authorities who are in charge on the scenes.

A note from me: Please realize this is a long term endeavor. I have been through similar devastation in past communities I have pastored. Everyone wants to help now and the people will be wondering where we are in 2 or 3 weeks. Start encouraging your churches to look down the road. Believe me this is very difficult, but it is the easy part of the disaster when there is so much help available, it will get more difficult in days to come. The pastors in the areas will be overwhelmed and need support as they support those in their communities.

I truly expect our Association will be involved with other aid organizations in the recovery planning long term.

Please continue to pray for Ken as he is being very instrumental in the organizational stage of our effort.

May God be glorified by our response as an association of the Lord’s Churches

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