Guest Post: Too Good to Be True…

This guest post is from Kevin Patterson. Kevin is the Youth Pastor at FBC Dawson Springs, Kentucky. He blogs at Life in The Youth Ministry Fishbowl

I hate horses. I know, sounds weird from a person from my neck of the woods but I hate them. horse
When I was a kid my grandfather had this horse. It would always come up to the fence on the farm and want you to feed him. My grand father told me a million times, to not mess with that horse. Guess what? Me being the adventurous idiot that I am, I grabbed a crab apple from a tree close to the fence and went to feed the horse. The horse was making all kinds of friendly noises and looked like he wanted me to feed him. Well long story short, after the stupid horse ate the apple he had a bit my hand pretty good. I’ve never much like horses after that! Also learned that even if that horse looked harmless, maybe it isn’t!

One of my jobs as a youth pastor is getting resources into the hands of my students and parents. I learned a valuable lesson that is the same as the horse, review your resources yourself! I bought a book for my students, LUCKILY I read it beforehand. One chapter in this book gave a view of the Bible that didn’t line up with my denominations view of the Bible (Southern Baptist for those interested). Now this book would be a great resource for a denomination that had this belief but not mine. I dodged a bullet there! I could imagine what would have happened if a parent read that and took it to my senior pastor. Just because a book or resource looks great, review it to make sure that everything in the book lines up with your beliefs. Don’t just think because this is the newest best thing that you should just hand it out. Sometimes it’s just to good to be true..

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