This is Why Ministry to Children/Youth is important today…

Ministry to Children and Youth are vital to the present and future of the church. We all have been taught that forever. But we forget about the residual effects it has in the church body. We often forget that the Children and Youth we work with have parents and grandparents. Maybe not all of them know Christ. Let me tell a story about Jim…..

Jim is the dad of my wife’s “second family”. Those who grew up in a small town/rural context will know what I mean. The parents hung together, the kids grew up together,  the families were close, and you listened to you friend’s mom or dad just as you would your own (if not better).

Jim’s wife came to Christ as a young married mom, and has been praying for him to have a relationship with Christ for at least 20 years. Through tears, struggles with two (now grown) children (and grandchildren) in and out of the church, she has remained faithful and prayed. Jim’s daughter has gotten back into church to benefit Jim’s grand-daughter, and at age 6, Jim’s grand-daughter has accepted Christ. The church scheduled the baptism service and Jim came. He got more than he ever could have imagined. He got the Gospel spoken to him by a Preacher unashamed of God’s word (Rom 1:16, 2 Tim 4), and at age 60, Jim now has a relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

This is going to impact three generations currently and more to come!

This is why we do what we do in Childrens and Youth Ministry. If we allow God to do what only he can do, He will change entire families. We cannot be afraid to preach His Word! Keep it up!

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