The “Soup” of Church Ministry….

I had a moment of inspiration while eating my lunch today. Eating the Grilled Chicken and Sausage Gumbo reminded me of life in church ministry. It really is a “soup”. It’s a lot of individual ingredients put together to accomplish a purpose. In the case of my Gumbo, it’s each ingredient adding to the overall flavor of the meal by working together to contribute to the overall flavor of the meal.

This brings to mind what the Apostle Paul writes about the Body of Christ having many parts. A soup would not be soup without a broth, but all broth is just broth. God has placed us together to serve His purpose of bringing a flavor of His Hope, His Purpose, and His Kingdom to a lost world. What are we individually contributing to the overall flavor of the church that is giving the world a small taste of what the Kingdom of God is like? It may be that we are giving a spicy, bold flavor. We may be giving a bland stale taste that needs refreshed.

May our prayer be that we all contribute the role that God designed for each one of us.

We all have a purpose in the mix of the church community....

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