#SYMC 2013 Sunday/Wrapup

Wow. SYMC 2013 is about to be over. Just a few more hours. symc2013_logo

Sunday was a great day. I had conversations with some great youth workers that are out there serving Jesus in their local community every day.

The winning tweet for the “You Might Be in #RuralMinistry if” Contest was this..

@TomBourke: You might be in #ruralministry if u have a yth cook out with beef from a cow that u r on a first name basis with

The Rural Ministry connect group brought some wonderful conversations about the blessings of being in rural ministry.

Margaret Feinberg did an amazing job of weaving her story together with what Job experienced, and how God is there for you through it all.

Rick Lawrence’s reminder that we often juggle many things in ministry is a warning well taken.

Looking forward to next year, Hope to see you in Columbus. You can sign up at a great price, right here…

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