What does See You At the Pole Look Like if you Homeschool?

See you at the pole is a basic staple in youth ministry, with its roots dating back to 1990. I was involved at our school’s events as early as 1993 as a freshman in high school. I have seen some great things happen in unified prayer at the local school. The mission of SYATP can be summed up like this

From that very first year in 1990, See You at the Pole has been about one simple act—prayer. Today, SYATP is still about students humbling themselves, turning to God, and interceding for their generation. 

Last year, I had a parent who homeschools ask the question “how do I involve my children?”.SYATP2014-copy That hit me like a ton of bricks. That was one angle I had never considered, and I am a homeschool parent myself (whose children are fast approaching the teens years!). There are obviously two schools of thought that include either 1)just take the kids on public school “turf” and 2) have a place for the homeschool students to meet.

I have chosen to take the second approach to acclimate the students to the idea of SYATP, and it gathers them with other students who are homeschooled. We chose the county courthouse as a location. The county officials loved the idea. They saw it as a positive thing for teenagers in our community. Our courthouse flag area is also home to a National Day of Prayer gathering in May, so the idea is not foreign to them.

This also brings the homeschool students on board with being involved with SYATP, in the event you have any type of pre or post SYATP rallies/gatherings/talk sessions. This year our church is hosting a post-event rally that evening for the local youth ministries to gather and share what happened at the local campuses, and continue in praying for unsaved friends.

So, as you do your SYATP planning, I pray that you will take those doing homeschool and online public school into your planning thoughts, and help them be a part of whatever you do.


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