Strange things you find at the Covered Bridge Festival… #ParkeCountyCBF

In my book, I spend a whole chapter on how to leverage fairs and festivals to build relationships, and ultimately God’s Kingdom. This week is the Covered Bridge Festival in the county where I live.

As I have been out talking with people, taking in some great food, and meeting vendors from all over and even outside the US, here are some of the strangest things you can find at the Covered Bridge Festival:

1) A Bull BBQ grill that makes the smoke come out the nostrils…

2) A giant Sasquatch Statue carved with a chainsaw that can welcome people to your house…

3) Lots of Dead animals. Made into Hats, necklaces, wall hangings and more…

4) A Cheeseburger on a Stick

5) Pork Cracklins (If you have to ask how they are made, you probably don’t want to know)….

6) A hoodie with a giant flaming skull on it

7) Yard art made from old tools, golf clubs, silverware, or whatever the guy with the welder had on hand…

8) I think this one is more cool than strange: Cross Shaped Funnel Cakes. There is a vendor on the Square in Rockville that has been doing these for years

9) Persimmon Ice Cream. (It was so good, I forgot to take a picture. Oops)

10) “Interesting” copies of expensive things.

What do you have at your local festivals that others might find odd or strange? Share it in the comments area below.

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