Rural Ministry: Know your context.

One of the most important lessons to learn early in youth ministry is to understand your context.
Is your church rural, small, large, multi-ethnic, urban? That is important to answer. You do not approach a rural church with an urban mindset. It is not going to work well. The opposite is obviously true.

The key to building relationships in your community is connecting on the levels and values that your community sees as important. If sports are a key foundation that rallies people in your community, screaming against it as an alternative to worship is not going to resonate well or do much.

Study. Listen to key stakeholders in your community, both churched and unchurched. Remember that the Kingdom of God is THE Solution to problems of this world, not another problem that screams at them…

No go make a difference, one church at a time.

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Brent Lacy

Youth Pastor. Web Designer. Homeschool Dad. Former Child Abuse Investigator. IT Technician. Writer. Lock-in Survivor. Rural Ministry Advocate. These all describe the experiences and stories that are part of Brent Lacy’s time in ministry. Brent grew up on 160 acres of corn, soybeans and cattle in Southern Illinois. He is currently a Rural Ministry Specialist with National Network of Youth Ministry (NNYM), based in Rockville, Indiana where he lives with his beautiful wife and three awesome kids in the Covered Bridge Capital of the World! His book "Rural Youth Ministry: Thrive Where You're Planted" is available at and on the Kindle Store.

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