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I have been reading the book Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore by Thom and Joani Shultz and it has been a very challenging book. I will write a full review on this blog at a later date, but there is one item from the book I am focusing in on for this post.



In the book, Thom challenges you to look at the types of questions we are asking in our churches and compare them to the kinds of questions that Jesus asked. The challange was given to go through the gospels and look at all the questions that Jesus asked. Who was He talking to? What was the situation? It’s been a growing experience to look through these questions that we often read right past that are often integral to what God is trying to help us understand.

In this challenge, I have taken a slightly different approach as I look through these questions. I started with the Questions posted on this article, and edited and reformatted them to be easy to post to twitter or Facebook. You can download the edited list as a Word Doc here for easy use on Social Media or even in your Bible Studies. Once I created the document, I have started posting these questions on Facebook and Twitter. It has been interesting to see which ones people interact with, comment, and repost.

Here is my challenge to you (not in a cheesy “click Like if you love God” kind of way). Take these questions, look at the overall story that is part of each question, and see what God does with your understanding of what He is saying. Interact with God’s word so you can share with others at all points in their journey of meeting Him, knowing Him, and sharing Him with others.

What question on these lists hit affected you most deeply? Share in the comments area below…


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