Product Review: LIVE Apologetics

The guys at Simply Youth Ministry have done it again! They recently released the new LIVE Curriculum Apologetics study. What an awesome and much needed study. Most teenagers have no idea how to look at things from a Christian worldview. This study will equip them to look at things from a Christian worldview, know the basics of the Christian faith, know what makes Christianity different from other world religions, and how to properly defend their faith. 
One thing that I tell my students is “defense of their faith” does not mean it is a fight. There is no need to get into an argument with your friends who are non-believers. The “defense” part is to defend your faith in your own mind. A better way to describe it is that we are equipping our students to decide what truth is. This curriculum does just that. It makes a point to tell students how to properly engage in a conversation about their faith. 
Like all LIVE Curriculums, Apologetics is very discussion driven. The opening activities are engaging and very up to date. The first lesson has students pulling out their smart phones and looking up a picture that applies to the lesson. The lessons include the script of the lesson leader, questions for the students to discuss that enforce the teaching point, additional discussion questions, and application questions that cause students to apply these principles to their lives. 
Another great aspect of the LIVE Curriculums is the Text Questions to get students thinking about the lesson before hand. THE most important part of the lessons to our ministry is the Parent Email examples that come in the lesson. They include an email to send to your parents to encourage spiritual discussions at home about that weeks lesson. 
All in all LIVE Apologetics is a can’t miss for a small group curriculum!
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