New Project Launch…

As a Web Developer, I get to take part in some interesting projects.

MinistryPlace.Net and the rest of the properties are based in Parke County, Indiana. It is a rural county of 18,000 people, about 60 miles west of Indianapolis, Indiana. we have fields, farms, Amish communities, and most notably Covered Bridges, 30-plus of them that are celebrated every October at the Covered Bridge Festival.

Parke County is developing. But that development is centering around the local small business. The idea for came from discussions with a few local businesspeople that want to continue the trend of enhancing the life of small business in our county. They really liked the idea of making a place that can provide web and social media presence for small businesses that may not otherwise have presence or be able to afford a presence. This can help create an ideal environment for small startups to thrive. We had to keep it quality, yet affordable.

I also work full-time as a Youth Pastor, so one of the key components for me was to engage the local churches and remind them that they are a part of the community at large in Parke County. They can also use the site as a way to get their information such as locations, events, and service times back into the public square. Everyone wins in this scenario.

This is going to be a fun project.

Check it out here….

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