Last Night’s Lesson…Facepalm!

Our lession last night at The Loft was about watching what you take in, both physically and to your heart/mind/soul (using Romans 12:2). I break out the old “dog poop brownies” illustration. If you don’t know it, Google it…

I play it up big, not giving away the ending, then we get to the end of the story, and I ask what the moral is…

A middle school guy shouts “Never take food from your dad! something’s up!!!”

I couldn’t help but laugh….

One thought on “Last Night’s Lesson…Facepalm!

  1. what a great video. but i think you are right about how we maybe sometimes try to take the nihtgs that are hard and make them less important. like we get so many nihtgs that we think will scare away students so we try and not focus on them even though they are the nihtgs that are going to maybe help the stuents anyway

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