MinistryPlace.Net on the Road : #SYMC 2014…

March 7-10, 2014 is the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Columbus, Ohio. I have been blessed to SYMC1be part of this conference as a “learner” for several years, and have made some great friendships along the way. Last year, I was asked to help lead a connect group for those in Rural Youth Ministry. This year, Simply has taken another route this year and added a workshop just for those of us in “flyover country”. I will be leading the workshop “Strategies for Rural Youth Ministry“. We’ll be talking about some of the joys, pains, challenges, and the future of Rural Youth Ministry. I also get to take part in a couple peer panels with some great longtime (and not as longtime) youth ministry friends.

If you are going to be at SYMC, look me up (i am @brentlacydotcom on twitter). I’d love to sit down to a cup of coffee and find out what God is doing in your life and ministry! See you next week!! 


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