MinistryPlace.Net @ SYMC2011 in Chicago

If you have not gotten your arrangements squared away for The Simply Youth Ministry Conference, you are running short on time. The word a couple days ago was the registration was about 94% of capacity. If you go, you will receive training, fellowship, and encouragement form the best Youth Ministry has to offer.

Last Year was my first year at SYMC, and I enjoyed it a lot. It was very different from conferences I had attended before. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have met several members of the planning team, and they are youth workers like us that understand what goes on in the local church.

This year, MinistryPlace.Net is giving away some fun stuff at SYMC. The Goodie Box is almost packed… More info to come.

There will also be a special prize if you can guess (be as specific as you can) something  that is in the Prize Box before the start of the conference on March 4th…

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