Using a Microsoft Surface RT in Ministry…

Eventually, it was going to happen. At some point it would be time to upgrade to a different tablet. I just didn’t know when. Through a strange series of events, helped along by Craigslist, I became the owner of a Microsoft Surface RT. I spent a couple days testing this unit and figuring out the interface, and then the trusty Android tablet went up for sale. Here are a few of my thoughts surrounding the device…

It is a great companion for a Windows 8 Desktop or Laptop.

In my office at the church, I run Windows 8 almost exclusively. We made the jump in early 2013, and it has been a great thing. There was one benefit that made it very compelling to upgrade the machines in our youth department – Account Synchronization. I set up the desktop for a user and it is synced to the cloud for any machine they use it to sign into with Windows 8, including what apps they have downloaded from windows store. The Surface also features this, which simplifies things greatly for me.

The other great feature is the fact that the Surface comes preloaded with Microsoft Office 2013. Technically, it’s a “lighter” version that is missing a few features you will see on the desktop version, but 99% of users will not miss a thing, including me. Office 2013 has great MS OneDrive integration, even over and above what you will see in all but the latest version of Android. I will say that it is on par with the desktop software for Dropbox, in the way that it “just works”.

Overall, I have been very pleased with the unit. There are some deals to be found on new and refurbished units, now that the second (and soon to be third) generations are out in stores.

In the comments below, share what tablet or laptop you use in ministry and why…

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