MinistryTech Minute: LG Quantum for AT&T…

The LG Quantum is a Windows Phone 7 smartphone from AT&T. Based on build and features, you could make a case for the Quantum as the “flagship” for the platform on AT&T. My overall impressions 24 hours in are that this is a smartphone that has a lot of potential, that the OS doesn’t yet capitalize on.

The Processor is one that is very widely used. Here are some of the phones that use the same Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor:

Sony Xperia x10, Google Nexus One, HTC Desire, Dragon, Surround,  HD7, and HTC7 Pro, Dell Streak, Venue, and Venue Pro, Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus, and Acer Stream s110.


– The hardware specs are very impressive.

– The Operating System (OS) design and function is much improved over Windows Mobile

–  Build quality (it does not feel like a lightweight feature phone)

– Call quality/Reception on 3G and Edge is at least as good as competition

– The screen is very good. Not Wow! ,but very good.

– Battery life seems to be very good.

– Decent Hardware and Software keyboards

– The Camera is very good with flash, with a dedicated camera button!!


– App support not quite there yet

– No Multi-tasking (however, not as big a deal as you would think)

– While solid built, its a bit heavy, which would turn some off. (6.21 oz.)

– There are some things in Windows Phone 7 that just scream “not finished yet”

Ministry Implications:

This could be a good “non-technical Senior Pastor” smartphone. It just gets the job done. It’s not flashy, but it is dependable. Not a big learning curve coming from non-smartphones (especially if you had a good feature-phone before).

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