I Know A Guy….

Last weekend brought a snowstorm like I have never seen before. I grew up in the midwest, and have

My driveway is somewhere under there, and the vehicles are in that bard 100 yards away...
My driveway is somewhere under there, and the vehicles are in that barn 100+ yards away…

seen and done some really crazy things in snow and ice, but this was beyond anything else. We had temps, not wind chills of -12 and spent approximately 2 days straight with subzero temps, plus a foot of snow blowing around in 30+ mph gusts. I know that my friends in the upper plains are failing to see the problem, but I am stating that in Central Indiana, weather like this is strange.

Our church had a scheduled guest speaker that is a friend of my family, and they made the trip in just fine before the storm hit. It was getting them home that would be the problem. Monday and Tuesday, there were major road closures all over the state. Sunday came and went. No church activities. We pushed back the departure past Monday, since the roads looked really bad. We made plans for a Tuesday departure, but we still had one problem. There was no way to get out of the driveway. My wife and I talked about who we could call to get the driveway plowed. Just a few minutes earlier, I got an email from our leadership team at the church that the son of one of our members is out plowing.

That’s it! I know a guy! I got in touch with him and he was out within a matter of a couple hours with an old 1-Ton Dually 4×4 Dodge diesel and plow, and within a matter of 30 minutes, we were no longer snowbound. Was he the guy I would have deliver a speech to a large crowd of influential people? No. He reminded me of a version of Duck Dynasty’s “Mountain Man” that was a bit more socially awkward. But he got the driveway plowed, even though the 5,000 pound plow weighing down the front end of the truck made his power steering quit earlier in the day. For crying out loud, the guy was in the hospital earlier in the weekend. But he was good at plowing snow, and he went out and did it. He blessed at least three families in his act of obedience.

That’s the lesson God wants us to hear for today. You may think you have to be something that God has not gifted you to do. Stop struggling so hard to do what someone else does well if that is not where you are gifted.

Go find that “sweet spot” that God has built inside each one of us for the purpose of glorifying Him! Be “That Guy” for someone – For His Glory!


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