Indiana RFRA and #boycottindiana – A view from someone who lives there…

As a resident of the state of Indana, I am sad. Not because a law was passed, but for the reactions of people we call fellow Americans.

I am of the opinion that when there is a problem,statehouse that there can be an open and honest discussion, without all the noise that we are seeing on media and social media that currently swirls around Indiana and a bill called RFRA. I have many friends on social media that sees this bill a little differently from me, and I’m ok with that. I am willing to have a calm discussion instead of a shouting match any day.

Youth workers, you no doubt have seen or heard the news regarding this issue. As a freebie from, here is a discussion guide that can be helpful in taking your students past the “shouting” to helping them see this issue from a Biblical perspective.

Click here to download (PDF)…




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