Heaven is an exclusive place

Have you ever wondered what heaven is really like?

Scripture gives us some glimpses of heaven and the New Jerusalem.  We read about the pearly gates, the streets of gold, the tree of life and the flowing river.  We know every tear will be wiped away.

Yet, there is quite a lot we don’t know.  What will we look like?  How will we recognize people in heaven?  What will it feel like?

I don’t know the answers to those questions.  I do know it will be greater than anything we could ever imagine.  The images we have in our head–be they from Hollywood, scripture or a combination of the two–will pale in comparison to how awesome heaven will really be.  I’m fairly certain of that.

I also know this:  heaven will be a lot better with you there.

You see, I know one thing for sure about heaven:  it is an exclusive place.  Not everyone goes to heaven.  Not everyone gets to stand in the presence of God forever.  Only a few get in.  Only the followers of Jesus get access.


Heaven is a sinless place.  Sin cannot enter that realm.  Only by taking on the sinlessness of Christ can we ever hope to attain a presence in the Holy City with a Holy and all-powerful God.  Therefore, heaven is exclusive for Jesus’ followers.

The cool thing about Jesus is he is inclusive of anyone who seeks to follow him.  If you follow him, he’ll include you among his disciples.  Then, like the rest of his followers, you get exclusive access to him for eternity.

That’s pretty cool.

In John 14:6, Jesus declared he is the only way to heaven.  No other paths get there.  Not all religions are right.  Only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ gains you entry to heaven.

So are you in or out?  That’s a question only you–and the Lord–knows.

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