A Hand for the Mission Field….

The church where I serve has been a long time supporter of a ministry called Seedline International.20140603_200133_Android-sm They are a ministry that prints, produces, and ships Bibles all over the world in many languages. Our church is near enough to one of the production centers that we bring a team of folks to help on an “assembly night”. On one of these nights, people from our church actually get to help assemble Bibles that are going to the mission field. It is a great way for church members to learn about what God is doing to spread His word in the US and abroad.

We brought a team of 17 people this week to an assembly night at Seedline. We had a great time of learning about missions projects, and were able to help assemble a little over 900 Bibles in a period of just over 2 hours. The team ranged in age from a 7 year old, to a grandmother in her 70’s, everyone had a role. . Some of these Bibles were going to a church in Indianapolis that were purchasing enough that they could give one to every household in their township. The rest were going to be printed with a special cover to be distributed to US Border patrol Agents alone the Canadian and Mexican borders.

It was a great time of fellowship for the church as well. The team is praying that God uses these Bibles to reach many people and transform hearts and lives.

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