Fundraising: Thinking outside the box


Guys I wanted to share something interesting with you. I recently made the jump into full time vocational youth ministry. It has been an awesome transition and I plan on doing a series of posts on how to transition smoothly and set both churches up to win. When I arrived at my new church I was given information on some fundraisers the students were doing to raise money for camp. One fundraiser that we currently have going on caught my eye. A local gas station called Cheers is donating a portion of the sales from two of their pumps for the entire month of April to our youth group for camp.

I would have never thought about doing this as a fundraiser, but apparently this company donates money monthly to churches and charities in the community. So it got me thinking, how many great fundraising opportunities do we miss like this? It’s hard to think outside of the box when it comes to fundraising, we’ve always made a lot of money off of the baked goods auction (which by the way we have and are doing again), so we’ll just stick with that. That thinking leaves a lot of money on the table that your group, as with all youth groups, could use. Think outside of the box when doing your fundraising, look for local businesses that donate money to local charities. At a former church of mine, Hardees donated a large amount to us because we applied for and won a scholarship for local charities. A little thinking outside the box can go a long way! Until next time my friends.

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