So, do the free stuff sites work?

I get questions a lot about the free sites I do (like this one), and whether they work or not.

The answer is yes, but with some conditions…

1. You have to do your homework. Read Reviews. Not all are created equal. None really have a great reputation, but some better than others. (I’ll get to the why on that in if you keep reading)

2. You have to jump through the hoops. Read the terms and conditions carefully. Decide whether they are worth doing for the “free” item. A site that may be totally worth it to you, may not be worth it to me.

3. You have to follow the rules. There are all kinds of videos for “hacks” for certain free sites. All you will do is get yourself kicked off the site. Besides, if you simply follow the rules, you get your reward, they get their money, and everyone is happy.

4. If you like a network of sites, stick with it. No sense in relearning everything.

5. Start small. Start with something that takes a few referrals (maybe 5-8), instead of going for that loaded out iPad 2 32GB +3G that is going to be 12 referrals or more. Get a feel for it and you will be less frustrated.

6. Have fun with it!!

All that said, sometimes stuff happens. An email gets lost, a form disappears. You may have some frustration, but be patient. The people at the company are just doing their job. Just keep in mind that you are getting something (usually big) for free or cheap, and in the grand scheme of things, a week or two is not a huge deal.

Want to give it a try? You can start here.

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