Custom Nook Case

After some dealing on Craigslist, I became the owner of a rooted Nook Tablet. I may do a full review another day, but this Nook has been stripped of its factory OS and been given Android 2.3.7 (4.0 is in progress, but a little buggy still for daily use..)

So I wanted a unique case. I wanted a hard case and not ugly. I saw a post on the dodo case for iPad. I liked it, but $80 is steep. So I decided to make a case from a book.
My total cost –
Glue : 2.84
Elastic: 1.29
Book and material : free

Way better than $80!


Here is what I learned in round one (I’d be happy to make more…):

1. It’s difficult to find the exact size of book in a rural area… But not impossible.
2. Use of felt in the liner and screen facing page could be nice for the device. Standard cloth isn’t bad though.

3. Go slow with the dremel tool. Cutting the charge hole, it kinda got away from me.

4. Take more pictures of work in progress next time.

Other tips….
– glue the outer pages with several coats before you cut anything.
-The glue I used is called “tacky glue”. It comes in a gold bottle and can be found at walmart or craft stores.
– use a razor knife with “snap off blades”. You’ll thank me later. Trust me. Dull blades don’t work well on this…
– you will want to take a few pages out at the front to keep from absolutely killing the book binding.

Is this something you would do? What books would you like to see get this treatment?
(dimensions must be at least 9.5″ tall by 6.5″ wide and no Bibles please…)

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