Creating Content on a Tablet.


Tablets (iPads, Android Tablets, Windows, Etc) as we know them are created primarily for consuming content (so Steve Jobs says…). There are some slight modifications that can be made to use tablets to make them useful for content creation.

For example, the ZT-180 based Android tablet our youth ministry has is excellent for creation, given a couple slight modifications. The easy way would be to purchase the leather case with the built in keyboard (about 30 dollars plus shipping). The cheap way which I am using now consists of a used PS/2 Keyboard and mouse hooked into a radio shack Dual PS/2 to USB adapter. The upside to this configuration is that you gain both mouse and keyboard input in addition to touch. An even more portable solution (other than the case mentioned above) is the vast array of flexible membrane keyboard that can be found on eBay for under 20 dollars.

However, the big thing to remember in Android is that if you use a mouse, the scroll wheel is mapped to the up/down scrolling motion of a trackball (think HTC Droid ERIS/TMobile G1/Etc…) with left/right being arrow keys on the keyboard, but it is mapped OPPOSITE of the direction you’d use it on a PC. Your up/down on the keyboard is mapped to the SHIFT finction..I’m sure there are other suprises waiting as well…

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