Crayola Trace and Draw Case for the iPad 2


I won a Griffin/Crayola Trace and Draw case for the iPad 2 from iMore. I received it about 2 weeks ago, and my kids love it! It is large and gives them good grips. Here are some of my other thoughts about the product in no particular order:

  •  I am leery of the idea of a child using a marker on an iPad, period. An iPad 2 is a rather large chunk of change in my book, so we “failed to tell” my kids about that app/feature
  •  It does offer a decent amount of protection, but it is not an Otterbox/Gumdrop grade case. But the price is also substantially lower.
  •  They made the ports fairly accessible, once you realize that the pull-out trays at each end give you more clearance
  •  Be careful sliding on and off. you can peel up a thick screen protector like a ZAGG Shield…
  •  I love the ease of removing the case to shift to a more “Adult-Friendly” case. (Almost makes me want to walk into a meeting with it on, and see what happens… But don’t try it!)
  • It really is a kid-appealing design. It looks very nice with a white iPad2.


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