A Computer – Just for Seniors! WOW!

I ran across the WOW! Computer today. I did say WOW, but it wasn’t until I got to the selling price.

The WOW is a touchscreen-based All-In-One with a custom load of Linux. This is a machine that carries so much potential, but is hampered by less than impressive hardware.

There are some neat features, but is it enough to overcome the drawbacks?





– Software updates included

– US based support

– Easy setup

– Built in Remote access (for a “Tech Buddy”)

– Built in WiFi



– Price is high for what it is, considering its running Linux (no Microsoft Tax involved)

– Need about twice the RAM and Hard Drive space to justify the price

– Cannot add any software…

– All traffic passes through their servers (privacy concerns?)

– Tech support is $10/ month after the first 30 days.

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