Blogging at #RHMA2014 Evening Session 1….

WTB-LogoI am enjoying connecting with other  Pastors serving in small and rural communities throughout the US and Canada at the RHMA Small Town Pastors Conference. Last night, Phil Tuttle, President of Walk Thru the Bible shared about his time pastoring in a small, rural church. Here are a few of his thoughts:

7 strategic advantages of small town ministry

  1. Less Distractions (traffic, politics, crime, etc)
  2. More time for people and relationships – (you know more people well in a small town, as opposed to a city )
  3. More social stability (more presence of extended families, however there can be hatfield/McCoy scenarios)
  4. Less church migration than in urban areas
  5. More inter-generational interaction
  6. More life experiences earlier in life (you help with harvest, learn the family business, and sometimes kids have to go to funerals)
  7. More ministry belongs to the people.

Small church pastors are some of the last great generalists in society. You have to master about 20 different subjects as a lead pastor in a rural church .

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