Being Left behind the Curve of Development…

I’ve been waiting a while on this to develop more, but today is a good time to release it….

When buying anything tech, especially smartphones, there is always a “newer, better thing”. Most of us can live with that. The thing that we dread is being left out to dry by the manufacturer. This could be discontinuing an OS, not giving a “legacy” device the latest OS or security updates.  This makes a customer service nightmare for the manufacturer, it raises the blood pressure of some consumers, and generally everyone is unhappy. No smartphone OS seems to be immune. I currently posess two phones affected by the “legacy device” label. That’s why I’m ordering my iPhone 4 soon

Here are some of the flavors (warning, on some sites there may be some colorful content of users – expressing their opinion):

HP Decides no OTA updates to WEBOS 2.0 for “legacy” devices (they said nothing about an over USB method though…)

Did Samsung delay Android 2.2 to the Galaxy S on Tmobile in order to hawk a new device?

Apple is not immune either…

Lessons learned?

At some point, there will be a need beyond what your current hardware/software combination will provide. It’s called progress. It is the same reason most of us drive something more than a Model T.

It’s a nice blessing that some manufacturers will help subsidize that progress, but it is not a right. We have to be mindful of that fact.

kinda reminds me of this commercial…

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