4 Years…

A lot can change in four years. Two weeks ago, my youngest child turned four.

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She was the child that the doctors said would not make it. God had other plans. After a near miscarriage and hard pregnancy, She was born a month early with no complications and excellent health.

Four years has brought me to a new position two states away, in a different timezone. Four years has also placed me in a entirely different church environment, after a rough end to the previous situation. It has brought blessings and challenges I never saw possible.

In four years, I have went from an area with many full-time youth workers in my denomination (SBC), to where I am the only full-time youth worker in my denomination in at least five counties (this area even includes a city of 80,000).

In four years, I have met people and formed relationships that I greatly value. Fellow youth workers that encourage and challenge me to make great gains for the Kingdom of Christ, not the kingdom of me…

Four years ago, my wife and I were talking about whether to homeschool our children. We decided yes, and while there have been challenges, It has been an awesome experience.

Four years ago, if you said I was about to take on writing a book on Rural Youth Ministry, I would have thought you were crazy. But, I did, and it was a great experience that God continues to use. If you told me four years ago, all I was about to experience, I would not believe you. It has been a wild ride. I am trusting God for what the next four years holds.

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