10 Things Parents of Teens are Doing Right (Part 2)…

In Part 1, we looked at a few of the things that parents of teenagers are doing right. We are going to 10continue on today and finish our top ten. Here we go!!

5) An increasing number of Parents are taking on the task of educating their children in one way or another. This means the numbers of students being educated through homeschool, private school, online public school programs are increasing. Due to differing laws and categories in each state, its hard to have specific numbers, but the trends are pretty shocking from the studies here and here.

4) Dads that are consistently involved in church are doing great things for their family. We have known since 2003 that reaching Dad first with the Gospel carries with it a high probability that the rest of the family becomes believers. I mean 93% probability high (!), as opposed to 17% if its Mom that is first.

3) Teenagers are being trained to share their faith. As a youth pastor for 14 years, I can tell you without a doubt that a teenager that sees evangelism modeled and encouraged at home by parents is much more likely to share their faith than one that is not. This study points that direction (take a look at the “changes in strategy” section)…

2) Parents are doing much to help prepare their children for college. They are doing things like setting up 529 college savings accounts and talking with their children about saving for college while they are young. There are some great options out there today that were not in place when I was a teenager. However, there are some conventional methods that will work very well for a lot of families.

1) Regardless of all the others things going on in our society, Parents hold a tremendous amount of influence on their children. This affects decisions such as sexual involvement, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and many more. If this parent influence is effectively pointed to the Gospel and discipleship, the parents are one of the most powerful allies a youth worker can have.


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