The iPad and the Western Church.

Like him or not, Steve Jobs does what he does very well. His bank account attests to this I’m sure. When Steve was releasing the iPad,  he made a statement that did not truly sink in until the other day. He made point that people are often more interested in consuming content than creating content.

Ok, I buy that. I can see it in our current society.

But what are the spiritual ramifications of a statement like that? Would it be a generation of church-goers satisfied with coming to church whenever they feel the need and sitting through a message to get a “spiritual fill-up” to last them until they feel the need again? Would it be church-goers that will sit through a challenging and convicting messages every week, but are largely uninvolved with the rest of the ministries of their local church?

They are consuming spiritual content, but not creating.

Today, be the ones that create, that change hearts.

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