I need your help….

This year our Youth Ministry is creating and piloting an “outside the box” approach to Youth Ministry utilizing web-based technologies that are already in existence to broaden the reach of our ministry outside the walls of First Baptist Rockville. After the pilot is complete in mid to late 2011, We hope to provide it as a well documented package for free to other small and medium sized churches reach the unchurched in their circles of influence.

A very important part of this project is to make the coding seamless and user friendly across as many platforms as possible. We are making it mobile-friendly as well as working with as many Operating Systems and Web Browsers as possible. We want it to work well and be adaptable for anyone to use.

I currently lack the means to test our program on Apple Mobile Safari (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch).

Please help by helping me obtain one for free at http://Ministryplace.net/iPad . It takes a few minutes, and will help greatly. This is not a scam, pyramid, or other goofy program. It is legal, and nothing will be shipped to Nigeria 🙂

It is simply making use of what marketers are trying to get us to try, but for a higher and greater purpose.

Brent Lacy

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