Things Heard in the Car on the way back from CIY Believe…

In Rural Ministry, it’s not often that you get a chance to take a weekend and focus on “just” middle page76_picture0_1358883012school or high school students. However, CIY Believe is one of those weekends. I get to take a group of 6th-8th Grade students to a conference designed just for them. The teaching and experience is designed to connect with the students where they are at that “in-between” period in their life.

That is why it doesn’t really catch me off guard when we go from talking about deep spiritual questions about the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives to conversations like this:

Student: I’m just warning you, I’m going to fart.. Adult: You are going to make a great prom date for someone, someday…

– OK, I have my Jerk Radar on, and it’s pointed toward you…(Get this, and you’ll understand…)

Students: We don’t want McDonalds…Driver: Then White Castle it is… Students: McDonalds sounds great!!!

Thanks for a great weekend CIY!!

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