A Redeeming Use of Xtranormal.com…

For those of you who have not heard of Xtranormal.com, it is a site (and software) that allows you to animate cartoon characters and make “short films” by drag and drop, and typing a script. The text-to-speech software really handles the rest. Much of the user posted content is not very family friendly (as well as what users have also posted on youtube).In fact a lot of it is downright vulgar.

However, I see the promise in the platform, and that it can have some humorous possibilities in ministry as well. There is a lot of free content that can be used, which is a bonus in ministry. For example, below is the Youth Announcements video for this Sunday.

Because the text to speech is built in, it makes a neat alternative to CrowdControl’s LT Software that they used at The Youth Specialties Convention a few years ago.

Is this something you could (or would) use?

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