These Marketing Fails Remind Me of What We do in Church Sometimes….

Socialnomics is a site that Marketing Geeks like me can relate to. They look at marketing and the new global/social network-driven economy.Sometimes our western ideas don’t really translate that well

In the ministry context, I notice that our churches, we have the same thing happen. We throw out all these “Christianese” terms with no definition or context, and expect those who do not have a Biblical worldview to understand. They don’t. or worse, they misunderstand.

Before you use the word, justified, sanctified, atonement,etc, hit the link below and see what kind of effect you may be having.

(just a short disclaimer, that this site does not have a Christian worldview at heart, and a few terms in the article may be too risque…)

[original article from socialnomics]

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