Tattooed by What…

Last night in prayer meeting at prayer request was brought up about a guy with terminal lung cancer and black lung. He lived a hard life and wanted to make peace with his Creator, because he knew his time was about up.

So he goes to the closest church and meets with the pastor outside of the normal worship time.

The pastor sees the tattoos and tells the man he has desecrated God’s Temple. The pastor tells the man he cannot be forgiven for what he has done.

Best case, this is a secondhand story was taken out of context, worst case this pastor really said this stuff.

There’s the back story. Here’s the rant:

First, you have biblical interpretation taken out of context which is very dangerous. This pastor probably took his interpretation from Leviticus 19 and probably also 1 Corinthians 3:16 which talks about our bodies being God’s temple and what to do with what not to do with it.

The irony however, is based on Leviticus 19 example. There is a relatively decent chance the pastor was wearing a cotton/poly blend shirt at the time he’s quoting this passage of Scripture (look it up).

We simply cannot, we cannot bend the Scriptures to match our needs and wants in our lives, so that we can sleep at night. We must change our live to match God’s will for them.

Secondly, you have the pastor playing judge instead of God. God is judge and we are not. We cannot justify our works and judgments based on a couple of obscure/out of context scriptures. This puts us in the same position as the Pharisees during the kind of Jesus Christ.

This makes a mockery of His bride, the church.

Christianity is not a list of do’s and don’ts based off of some book that we have called the Bible! It is a relationship with our Creator who desperately desires to have fellowship with us. It is all Him seeking us out, it is not because we are good in any way (tattoed or not) aside from the work of Jesus Christ to save us.

End of Rant

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