Sacred Cows…

A couple weeks ago, Granger Community Church started a series about dealing with Sacred Cows called “Cow-tipping”. Being a Youth Pastor that grew up in the Midwest on a cattle farm this got my interest immediately. I was expecting something along the lines of typical “your church is steeped in tradition, let God do His thing, and get out of His way” sermons. I was wrong. They started off by addressing the Sacred Cow the children of Israel made at Sinai. They related it to the stuff in life we trust more than God. Our want for control. Money. Relationships. Stuff.

They did deal with Church Tradition in the series. but I learned that the root of some of the attitudes we see in churches that are unwilling to change the methods of delivery for the unchanging message of the Gospel are not in church. It is in the lives of the Church Members. Ouch. And the Church Leaders. Ouch again.

Prepare to be challenged and listed to the series. Link: Granger Podcast Stream

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