[Rant]:What on Earth are We Doing???

Warning: Rant Follows…]

In Western Christianity, we do a lot of stuff. Some of it is even good stuff. We help others, feed the hungry, help the poor, some of us even help the environment. We do a lot of good stuff in the name of Jesus. But are we doing what we have been commanded to do? The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) Gives us the simple command of going into all the world to make disciples. Not to hire pastors and missionaries to do it, we are to do it.

Greg Stier puts it plainly when he gives the example of a child being told to clean their room before the parent comes back. The child does a lot of other “good” stuff, but doesn’t clean their room. This is what a large portion of Christianity

is doing.

I have been challenged lately by a few books that all make the same point – If someone that only had the Bible to look at suddenly was shown the Western Church, would they be able to recognize where how and where God is working? (paraphrased from Forgotten God by Francis Chan)

Truly, if a ministry in your church is doing just to be doing cause it’s always been done that way, cut it off! John 15 tells us that branches that do not produce fruit will be cut off and used for firewood. What about ministries that are using resources, but not showing fruit? They are using resources (and people)  that could be used elsewhere to do great things to build God’s Kingdom. Cut them off!

According to Everyshchool.net, there are 67,342 Junior High and High School Campuses in the United States. We could start by saturating them with the Gospel of Christ. But I think we need to start with the churches in our community. If they have it right, they can change  an area, a state or, a nation.

This Teenager Gets it.
He’s a Teenager from Indiana that has Led more people to Christ in the last two years than many churches in the area. Oh, and he’s physically blind, but definitely not spiritually blind.

Keep Rockin’ the Cause Sean!
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