Evangelism… Making it a Priority in Student Ministry

So, you said the “e” word at youth group, and you have gotten a combination of reactions that include: confused looks, “deer in the headlight lookaways”, and just downright fear. Now what.

What strategies do you use to make the Gospel a priority in every youth group meeting?

1. Share it every week. I don’t mean a predictable droning on every week that students (and also watching friends) tune out. Take C.H. Spurgeon’s advice and “start with the text and make a beeline for the cross.

2. Use different medias. Videos, talking, pictures, testimonies. These are only a few of the options available.

3. Don’t forget training your students. They can share with more friends and peers than you could ever hope to. Think more along the lines of a coach training his team, and less about being the Quarterback throwing the touchdown pass…

4. Remember, it’s not about you, but yet it’s all about you. You are not the Holy Spirit. Let the Spirit do His work, but don’t forget to do yours in being ready, prepared, and obedient to share the Gospel!

What tips would you add?

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